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Black History Committee

Black History Committee - Board of Christian Education


 Barbara Johnson Jones

A Message from the Coordinator

The Black History Committee welcomes you to a new year of informaiton exchange!  The scripture bringing in 2011 was Psalm 40, which focuses on patience.  Most African-Americans understand patience - waiting for true equality and equity - in politics, in respect, in history, and in compensation.  However, many of us realize that we must wait for change, because it comes in His time, not ours!  And His time is ALWAYS good - and on time!

Black History continues to be explored and published through organizations such as ASALH (the Association for the Sutdy of African-American Life and History), where the National Black History theme is established.  The 2011 National Black History theme is African Americans and the Civil War.

In 2010, we presented Inside Buffalo, a film that focuses on the military contributions of African- Americans, the Buffalo Soldiers, who fought in World War II.  This year we will present new information about African-Americans' contributions in the Civil War - beginning with guest speaker, Dr. Ida Jones, whose message will include the role of the CME church in the Civil War on 12 February 2011.

We will continue to promote Black history and the celebration of Black culture!  On 4 February 2011 at 6:30, our committee will host Black History Night at the Movies, featuring A Great and Mighty Walk - John Henrik Clarke.  This is a different snapshot of our journey from the Mother Land and the European infolvement in OUR history.

Help us celebrate Black Heritage.  Please join our committee, plan informative events, and promote Black history - while rejoicing in the Lord for His timing!!


All of our programs are open to the public. We solicit and encourage their attendance and participation. The Black History Committee is committed to presenting a wide array of activities. An example of our programming includes:

  • Talent Night at Israel 
  • A Taste of Israel
  • Black History Night at the Movies 
  • The Tuskegee Airmen Presentation (4 of the original airmen attended)
  • Book Review Brunch (“Having Our Say” – the Delany sisters’ story)
  • Discussion topic:  Does skin color still matter?
  • Coordinated White House tour.

We truly thank God for the other church ministries/committees and individual church members who have helped to make our programs successful.

 2011 Black History Committee

Cheri Hamilton

Christopher McKnight

Kim Burton

Victoria Williams

Barbara Johnson Jones