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SHAREing Your SHARE - Food Program

The Israel Metropolitan CME Church’s “SHAREing YOUR SHARE - Food  Program,” which serves as one of the host sites for the SHARE Food Network, has been in operation since December 1990.  The SHARE (Self Help and Resource Exchange) food program is a community outreach program sponsored by the Associated Catholic Charities and the Knights of Malata.  The creative program combines community service and 40 to 45 dollars worth of food per month at a great price (currently $20 per order).


Lillian Ruffin & Winifred Jackson


In response to the financial crisis that is creating a hardship for many in our communities, we seek to have community based groups join us in providing affordable food for their clients. 

What We Do

  • Provide volunteers for oversight of the program
  • Provide for transportation of food from the warehouse to the church
  • Provide space at church for food distribution to participants
  • Provide an opportunity for students and/or offenders to meet their community service requirements


Transportation Coordinator – Tyrone Cartwright assisted by Dorian Smith,Terrell Robinson, and Katheryn White. Alternates: TeRayne Cartwright, Monique White, and Taurean Cartwright. 

Bus Driver - Ruby Jones

Lead Food Distributor – Lula Doman assisted by James “Pop-Pop” Swann, Christina Duncan, Calvin McLean, Maggie Allen, Cagney Durnisse and Steven Durnisse.

We are a family and as a family our common goal is to help our communities by SHAREing OUR SHARE.