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There are over 61 ladies at Israel Metropolitan CME Church who are members of one of five Stewardess Boards.  Some are emeritus members.  However, all serve in a variety of ways in addition to preparing the Lord’s Table for the Communion Ritual.  It is believed that the work of the Stewardess never ends.  It is an attitude as well as a habit of helping others, whether in or out of church.  First and foremost, her work is the essence of her commitment to God through Jesus Christ as a helper.  Therefore, the woman who is committed to be a Stewardess extends whatever service is needed by the Senior Pastor in his work to comfort and provide spiritual guidance to members and friends of the church. 

In addition, virtually all members of the Israel Stewardess Boards participate in other church ministries.  Many sing in choirs; perform liturgical dance; teach Sunday school; tutor students in academic studies; serve as ushers; and one recently began her calling as a Preacher. 

The Stewardess Boards are also committed to continuous training by conducting annual workshops or seminars; and all ladies who may have an interest are welcome.  

For additional information, the Stewardess contact is gerribarnes108@aol.com.