557 Randolph Street NW, WDC 20011  |  (202) 723-5795

Sunday School


Sis. Toni Issac - Superintendant of Sunday Schools

Bro. Robert Burke – Assistant Superintendant


Primary Teachers:  Kimberly Chase / Rev. Michael Gray / Tanya Canady/ Mrs. Loretta Helton / Donna McCullough / Winifred Jackson / Russell Bumbry / Robert Burke/ Fred Thompson / Maggie Allen

Assistant Teachers:  Barbara Johnson-Jones / James Bryant / Lillian Ruffin / Jennifer Bryant / Shirley Smith / Toni Isaac / Carole Richardson

Purpose & Vision:  The Sunday School department of Israel Metropolitan CME Church serves as extension of the worship experience and seeks to provide enhanced biblical education to the church community at large.  The teachers are experienced and qualified to examine the biblical text and present the lessons whereby the students can apply the information to their current life situations.

The vision of the Sunday School department runs parallel with that of the church.  That is to say, being a "Beacon of Light, in the Heart of the City, Guiding Souls to Christ.”  Our teachers seek to guide souls to Christ through presenting an interactive lesson plan.  This connects each person in a meaningful way to the biblical text that provides a deeper understanding to the divine Word.

Start Time:  Classes starts each Sunday morning at 10:00.  The first Sunday of each month is designated as the combined Sunday Scool for all classes.