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Woman's Missionary Society


Ms. Gloria Frazier, President


To implement the mission and unity of the Christian Church in Christ Jesus.   To make that mission and unity known at home and abroad.   To encourage cooperation, fellowship and mutual counsel concerning the spiritual life and religious activities of the Christian Church.   To encourage the study of the Bible and to assist in spreading the Gospel.  To study the needs of society in order to aid in the development of programs, people, processes and resources that will enable the Women's Missionary Society to fulfill its mission.  Such studies shall enable the Society to react cooperatively to the moral, ethical and spiritual issues inherent in spreading the Gospel.  To share the good news, salvation through Jesus Christ with unsaved men, women, and children at home and abroad by using the processes and program outlined in the Bible, the Book of Discipline of the CME Church and the Bylaws of the Women’s Missionary Council.  To work closely with private and public institutions in the fulfillment of common goals, insofar as such cooperation is consistent with the Constitution of the Women's Missionary Council.

The Women’s Missionary Society at Israel consists of five Circles with Circle Leaders and Departments. They are organized as follows

  • Alpha Circle – Circle Leader, Roberta Bell 
  • Emma Hockett Circle – Circle Leader, Patricia Searles
  • Helen C. Whittington Circle – Circle Leader, Minnie Buncombe
  • Omega Circle – Circle Leader, Gladys White Robinson
  • Ruby Bell Circle – Circle Leader, Carole Richardson


Rossie T. Hollis – Training of children from cradle roll through age (11) are eligible for membership – Secretary, Donna McCullough

Mattie E. Coleman – Training of youth - Ages 12  -17 – Secretary, Ruben Brown

Phyllis H. Bedford Young Adult – Ages 18 – 35 – Engaging young adults in experiences of learning, worship, fellowship and service – Secretary, KaShava Logan Organization & Promotion Department – Promotes the growth (membership) and development of the Society

Pauline B. Grant Status of Women Department – See opportunities for wider service for women in the local.  Study the status of women in the local church and community.

Organization & Promotion Department – Promotes the growth (membership) and development of the Society

Fine Arts Department – To develop a desire to express the mission of the Church through creative interpretations in music, literature, dance, art forms, including handcrafts and food.

Literature & Publication Department – Create and publish news concerning the Missionary Society.  Be responsible for distribution of literature issued by the Society.  Encourage members to subscribe to the Missionary Messenger; maintain file of member’s subscriptions.

Thelma J. Dudley Missionary Education Department - Express a continual educational growth by demonstrating Christ’s teaching ministry in the local Church.  Plan a time of study of a course that has been approved by the Women’s Missionary Council.  Provide a calendar of Missionary Education activities that include workshops, seminars, small group and panel discussions, exhibits, plans, and pageants and other fellowship activities.

 Spiritual Life & Message Department – Develop programs through which the Gospel can be spread.  Help members grown in spiritual life and Christian activities.  Promote activities in Evangelism and Christian Stewardship.  Develop program activities for retreats, individual and group worship, laity-led revivals, and Bible study.  Encourage cooperation with Church Women United and participate in:

  • World Day of Prayer (March)
  • Fellowship Day (May)
  • World Community Day (November)

Overseas Missions Department – share in meaningful ministry in our foreign work.  Encourage continued use of “Overseas Mission Jar” as one of the means for collecting funds for the overseas work.  Develop African, Haitian and Jamaican Festivals so people will become aware of culture, folkways, mores, and other aspects of life and works of the overseas members.

Hunger and meals for Millions - Sacrificial giving to alleviate hunger both at home and abroad.  Raise the awareness of the social issue of hunger and educate regarding the global needs.

Meeting Times

Every 2nd Saturday of the month @ 11:00 a.m.