557 Randolph Street NW, WDC 20011  |  (202) 723-5795

Youth Ministry


Rev. Ayanna Carter


It is our vision to establish an environment for youth, ages 12-17, that fosters spiritual and social maturation.


Our ministry goals are to:

EQUIP youth:

  • with the Word of God
  • with skills to communicate excellently
  • with skills to think from a Christian world-view

 EMPOWER youth:

  •  to turn away from the things of this world
  •  to share the gospel of Jesus Christ
  •  to lead without comprising their faith

 ENABLE youth:

  • to know what they believe
  • to articulate their beliefs
  • to defend their faith with the power and love of God
  • to minister to others with Biblical authority

All youth are welcome.


Youth Bible Study - Rev. Ayanna Carter

Youth Sunday School - Mrs. Kim Burton & Ms. Barbara  Johnson Jones

Spirit of David Youth Dancers - Ms. Donna McCullough

Youth Choir/Music Ensemble - Dr. Jerry West & Mrs. Kathy Olatunde

Youth Ushers  - Ms. Gladys Robinson & Ms. Alma Epps

Youth Ministry Photo Gallery